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42-year-old Mentor resident Shelley Weber will use her kids as motivation to build a better life. Life with metabolic syndrome will be easier with a weight-loss, and Weber said she will work hard with help from exercise and better eating habits.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, I have been hearing/reading about many of the participants taking Zumba classes, but the times/places that they were offered were not convenient for me.  Fortunately a woman in my neighborhood has organized  Zumba classes to be held at the community room in my neighborhood.  The community room is just a very short walk from my house so how could I say no?! 


I attended my first class tonight.  I have to tell you that I wanted to walk out the door after just the “warm up” portion.  My hips and butt do not move that way!  But I decided to stick out the entire hour (although I know that very often I looked like a complete idiot).  I am glad that I stayed.  I certainly did not get all the moves, but in the end I was sweating, burned some calories and had a good time!  The only problem is that I tend to tense up in my neck and shoulders when I do things like this so my neck is a little sore.  I’ll have to take some ibuprofen before heading off the work tonight. 


The class is being offered 3 times a week so I hope to go as often as possible!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zumba is a great cardio-vascular activity. I just wish there was a lower impact version for us overweight, arthritic types. I can handle the hour-long workouts but my knees can't.

April 26, 2012 at 7:30 PM 

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