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42-year-old Mentor resident Shelley Weber will use her kids as motivation to build a better life. Life with metabolic syndrome will be easier with a weight-loss, and Weber said she will work hard with help from exercise and better eating habits.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C25K update

So I mentioned awhile back that I was going to try the program C25K (couch to 5k).  It’s the program that was designed to help you go from a couch potato to running a 5k.  I have renamed it C25I.  (couch to 5 injuries).  I have 2 shin splints, 2 shore ankles and 1 pulled hamstring!  A friend who is a runner keeps telling me to just hang in there and work through the pain, but I have decided not to.  The pain is causing issues in both my home and work life so it’s not realistic to think that I can keep going with the program.  I will stick to the elliptical and recumbent bike for my cardio workouts from now on!


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