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42-year-old Mentor resident Shelley Weber will use her kids as motivation to build a better life. Life with metabolic syndrome will be easier with a weight-loss, and Weber said she will work hard with help from exercise and better eating habits.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's all about the numbers!

Is it just me, or does everything in life tend to revolve around numbers?  Age, date of birth, phone number, address, social security number, PIN numbers, etc, etc.  The list is endless!  Well I feel this way about weight loss as well, however for me it isn’t necessarily the number on the scale, or my measurements (which I must point out are a perfect hourglass.  A very FULL hourglass mind you, but an hourglass just the same!)  Anyway, while those numbers are obviously important to me especially since they will be posted publicly in a very short while, they are not my main concern.  The numbers which matter most to me at this point are blood pressure, triglycerides, and hemoglobin A1C (a 90 day look back at your average blood sugar).


These are my numbers as of  the end of November 2011….


Blood pressure 140/92  (120/80 is optimal)

Triglycerides 1500 (less than 150 is normal)

A1C 7.6  (5 is normal)


I plan to have my labs checked at about 90 days after starting the contest and I hope to be able to share the good news of “better” numbers at that time!


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